You find your way home.

~, that is. Not your home, though, but mine. Allow me to introduce myself while you take a sip of tea.

My name is Mikołaj, better known as bandithedoge (bændi-ðə-doʊʤ). I was born in Jelenia Góra, Poland on May 8th 2004. My two primary interests are music production and computer science, the results of which you can see on the sidebar (or at the top if you're on a mobile device).

My whole experience in programming (and music to an extent) can be summed up as "throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks"[1]. That being said, I mostly focus on writing small utilities in whatever language I'm simping for at the time (right now it's Haskell and Nim) and making things work with Nix.

  1. Spoiler: nothing ever does. ↩︎