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Hello there!
As you may already know, I love Sony's PlayStation Portable. It's my personal best handheld ever because of its power and a great (still active!) modding scene.
This page contains stuff useful for PSP owners, please keep in mind that more stuff will be added!

I know the formatting is messed up. I have no idea how to fix it. It's very WIP. And don't get surprised if you see some weird stuff happening with fonts (it's been always a problem on my website).

recommended games

Here are some games I really enjoyed.
Trigger alert: This is all my own opinion. Use your common sense.
just don't sue me plz

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Metascore: 88

The whole Liberty City from GTA III ported to PSP? Yes, this is possible.
After GTA: Advance, which wasn't, um, very good, Rockstar ditched the partnership with Digital Eclipse and left the next mobile game to the golden hands of people from Rockstar Leeds.
That's how the best selling PSP game was created.
This game was meant to be even bigger and better than GTA III. A completely new storyline with Toni Cipriani (the guy who gave us some missions in GTA III) as a main character, almost 2x more missions and most important: MOTORBIKES!!!!11111
The only downside I encountered was the controls. We all know that the PSP didn't have a second analog stick (we had to wait almost 8 years for it!) so the camera movement wasn't the best in the world.
The game was also ported for PS2 and Android/iOS.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Metascore: 86

The whole Vice City on the PSP? Yes, this is possible. Again.
Rockstar Leeds srtikes again! Another GTA on PSP! This time even bigger and better than LCS!
In this case, the main character is Victor Vance (the guy who dies in the beginning of GTA Vice City).
Again, the controls are a little annoying. But this game is a musthave for every PSP owner!
The game was also ported for PS2.

Crash of the Titans

Metascore: -

A pretty controversial game ported from PS2.
Yeah, it has less levels than the "big" version and fighting can getz boring, but hey, jacking enemies will always be fun!
Yeah, I'd prefer Crash Twinsanity on PSP, but we at least have this.
The game is available on the highest amount of platforms in the entire series: Wii, Xbox 360 (I played that one!), DS and Game Boy Advance (although playing Crash in 2D is 60% less cool than 3D)
There was also a Java port, but we don't talk about it.
Too bad the PS3 port was never released. :c

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metascore: 89

Oh man, one of the best games EVER! The game is so big that it even wants you to install additional 1GB of its data to the memory stick! And it's got a GOD DAMN CO-OP MODE. Woohoo!
It was so good that it was later remastered for Xbox 360 and PS3.