a (sorta) comprehensive list of Team Xecuter fuck-ups

Team Xecuter is a console hacking group that came up in the original Xbox days. These days, though, they’ve been focusing on the Nintendo Switch and providing a constant stream of bullshit almost since the release of the console. This post is an attempt at documenting most of TX’s fuck-ups in celebration of 2 members getting arrested.

This is not a full list. If you know about more fuck-ups, please send them at bandithedoge@protonmail.com or bandithedoge#7040 on Discord. It’s also focused mainly on the Switch era but, if someone wants to contribute, I could include fuck-ups from the OG Xbox era as well. I also might have or might have not thought about creating a Telegram channel for the meme.

This list will be updated with future fuck-ups.


In early 2018, a BootROM exploit was discovered for the Tegra X1 chip used by the Nintendo Switch independently by 3 parties: ReSwitched (who named it Fusée Gelée, which is the name I’ll use for the rest of this post), fail0verflow (who named it ShofEL2 after member shuffle2) and an anon from 4chan. The exploit allowed for full control over the system. A few custom firmware projects came up, but the two most important ones were Atmosphère and SXOS. The main difference was the license and legality (which we’ll get into later): AMS is open-source software licensed under GPLv2 and SXOS is closed-source and costs $20. SXOS had the advantage of being the first one to be publically released and deemed usable, but that’s no longer the case, as AMS is a much more mature and stable project.

List of fuck-ups

This is all I currently have to say. I tried to keep this post relatively bias-free but feel free to call me a butthurt SJW fanboy anyway.